Just Take a Leap.

Leap. FAQs

What will Leap. do for me?

Leap. is a dietary supplement for anyone who wants to maintain health and vitality.  With its targeted antioxidant and amino acid blend, it's designed for active individuals, and those wanting to become active.  Think of it as a multivitamin with a supercharged proprietary blend of almost 3,000mg of L-Arginine, L-Carnitine (Swiss Carnipure®), Pine Bark Extract, CoQ10 and much more.  Not your average multivitamin - a fierce one.

Leap. Looks very different to every other sports and multivitamin I've seen.

Why is Leap. so expensive?

Is Leap. Vegan

What makes Leap. different to other sports supplements/ daily multivitamins?

What is so special about Carnipure®

When will my order arrive?

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