Just Take a Leap.

Leap. Daily Supplement



Leap., for both men & women, is a dietary supplement for anyone who wants to maintain health and vitality, for anyone who might be currently taking, or thinking about taking a daily multivitamin.  

With its targeted antioxidant and amino acid blend, it's designed for active individuals, and those wanting to become active.  Think of it as a multivitamin with a supercharged proprietary blend of almost 3,000mg of L-Arginine, L-Carnitine (Swiss Carnipure®), Pine Bark Extract, CoQ10 and much more.  Not your average multivitamin - a fierce one.

Leap. is Unique

Leap. is unique for a number of reasons.....

One Packet Per Day

Other similar products require users to take 6 daily capsules or more, whereas Leap. is packed tightly into one single 10g daily packet serving. 


Leap. is produced using a unique process, called cohesive technology. This technique ensures the most effective mixing of ingredients, resulting in a stronger bond between those ingredients, which ultimately increases the product's efficacy.

Our mixing method

Leap. is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Germany, and mixed using a lyophilizer, using the micelles technique. This essentially means that we mix the ingredients under high pressure & dry conditions, to maximize stability and potency. This process enables to pack a big punch in the daily serving of only one daily sachet and results in Leap. achieving the ideal state of mixing.

Typically, we associate the volume of a particular ingredient as being the sole factor contributing to the efficacy of that ingredient in our body. However, the stability factor, of how multiple ingredients are mixed together, is also a contributing factor. This means, when you have both high quantities of amino acids, vitamins and minerals in one sachet, along with a capsule formed using a lyophilizer, you have the best of both worlds.

Research, science and quality

Many brands get their formulas direct from the facilities in which they manufacture them to cut costs, resulting in a number of very similar products on the market, with very little to differentiate them. We believe in the an incremental approach to every little detail, which includes:

Separating Leap. from the chaff.

Proprietary Blend (including Swiss Carnipure®) of 2,955 mg


Carnipure (L-Carnitine)

Coenzyme Q10

Pine Bark Extract

Why Carnipure®

Carnipure is such a great ingredient, it even has its own Website.  How many ingredients have their own Website?

If you like the neat pattern on our box, you'll also like the fact that if you look closely enough, it represents the chemical compound for Carnitine.


Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Elements and the Rest

Vitamin C (120mg)

Vitamin E (24mg)

Selenium (110mcg)

Folic acid (600mcg)

Zinc (12mg)

Vitamin B12 (4mcg)

Vitamin B6 (4.2mg)

Vitamin D3 (5mcg)

Blackcurrant Powder

Is used to provide a palatable taste to Leap.  In many respects, the least important ingredient, but in other ways, fairly crucial for long-term use and daily consumption.

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