Just Take a Leap.

Leap. Quality

What separates Leap. from the chaff.

Proprietary Blend (Swiss Carnipure®) of 2,955 mg



Coenzyme Q10

Pine Bark Extract

Carnipure is such a great ingredient, it even has its own Website.  How many ingredients have their own Website?

Everything Else

Vitamin C (120mg)

Vitamin E (24mg)

Selenium (110mcg)

Folic acid (600mcg)

Zinc (12mg)

Vitamin B12 (4mcg)

Vitamin B6 (4.2mg)

Vitamin D3 (5mcg)

Blackcurrant Powder

Is used to provide a palatable taste to Leap.  In many respects, the least important ingredient, but in other ways, fairly crucial for long-term use and daily consumption.

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